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A7 Extraction Protocols

The development of the A7 system is through over 15 years of experience of the Angel Align system treating complex extraction cases.
From thousands of cases and comprehensive biomechanical testing and analysis A7 significantly advances the treatment of extraction cases with clear aligners.
By optimizing molar anchorage, control of molar translation and in particular molar medialization it allows complete control of the molars during treatment and prevents molar dumping.
Specific staging protocols for the control of canines and the torque control of the anterior teeth has also been optimized.

Posterior Teeth

Traditional biomechanics is combined with clear aligner mechanics.
The staging protocols address the posterior teeth first and then the anterior teeth are moved to ensure the stability of the molars and overall occlusion.

Vertical Control of Molars

Double attachment available on Molars to accurately control molar height and also to optimize anchorage.

Distalisation of Canines

Efficient attachment design and excellent wrap around of MasterControl material allows efficient and significant distalisation of Canines.

Torque Control of Anterior Teeth

Perfectly designed torque attachments and with increases surfaces area coverage due to appliance wrap around ensures that torque control in the anterior teeth is achieved as required.


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