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masterForce?-Producing Predictable Clinical Outcomes

masterForce is the Biomechanical platform that is the basis behind the angelalign system.
It is a highly advanced algorithm that integrates all aspects of clear aligner treatment to
analysis each case and product the most efficient and effective treatment plans.
MasterForce allows extremely accurate simulations of clinical situations and treatment
outcomes-combined with material science, biomechanics, orthodontic force systems and
digital appliance design to provide the best outcome for the doctor and patient.



Predictable Treatment Mechanics

Enables Accurate analysis of treatment plans
and the research platform to continue to improve the angelalign system.

masterForce analyses the full process of being treated with Angelalign.

It allows biomechanical simulation of clear aligner treatment.

masterForce allows visualisation of orthodontic forces and how teeth respond to the prescribed forces.

It can predict the movements that are difficult and are most likely to lead to treatments not tracking properly.

Then masterForce can accurately compensate for these movements and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

masterForce optimises treatment plans based on orthodontic biomechanical rules.


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